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“Keep Coming Back”

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Hello my friends…

I received an email from a beautiful friend of mine.  She is the Alanon mother of “one of us.”  I had the privilege of working with her son in his early days of sobriety.  He went back out.  I could tell in her letter that she was frustrated that the program hadn’t worked.  She explained that he was living at a recovery house and had a job and was using her car since he had to sell his ride to pay some bills. If you are planning to add outdoors lights to your property, here we have Everything you need to know about landscape lighting.

I told her there was a lot of hope in her note.  The fact that he would go back out, yet run back to the program because he know who he was and where he could get help.  I explained how I was in and out for years before I finally surrendered and began my sobriety in October of 1998.

It seemed to help as she seemed to ease into a less stressful line of language in her next note.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to God and AA for my sobriety.  If you or someone you know is suffering, don’t give up.  Once we accept who we are and know where the medicine is, things change.  Like so many drunks before me have said, if nothing else AA sure will screw up your drinking.  Trying to 12 step another drunk when you’re half in the bag is pitiful.  Yest, I did that too.

I love you guys,

Work it!


“Keep Coming Back”

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Hello my brothers and sisters…

I received a note the other day from a beautiful Alanon friend.  She was disappointed that her son was back out again. “How long does it take” to get sober?  I had the privilege of working with her son in his early days of sobriety a few years back.  Like so many of us, at first it didn’t stick.  Now, he’s working, living at a recovery house and making progress. If you want to get some Tips for Improving Curb Appeal and Staging Your Home This Fall you can visit this site.

I told her there was a lot of hope in her note.  It took me forever to finally reach a turning point in my sobriety.  I suffered so much in in the 70′s and 80′s before finally reaching a point where my real sobriety kicked in, October 1, 1998. Your family or friends can enjoy the outdoors with lesser restrictions because of these blinds. These blinds can be tinted PVC, transparent, or of sunscreen fabric. -Another interesting possibility is installing practical double roller blinds.

I explained to my Alanon friend that there may be some stumbling in the beginning, but once we have accepted who we are and where the medicine for our disease is located, there is hope.  I’m convinced without AA and the wonderful work of Bill W. and Doctor Bob, I would not have made it.

I love you guys,


Going Back Out?

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Hi there… It’s me, Hoot.  your full time friend and part time fool.  I spoke to an Alanon friend the other day and she told me that, sadly, her son had gone back out after two years sober.  She said he was living in a recovery home now, has another job and is trying to find sobriety that will stick!! I had the privilege of working with her son and in spite of the set back, the positive that has come out of all this is, he’s showing up where he’s surrounded by those in recovery and he’s soaking it up. The video streaming platforms provide new and fresh content along with old ones. You can switch to these services for more entertainment you can get more info in this website.

I told her how it took me years before I finally surrendered, completely. If we’re able to learn from “going back out” and don’t kill ourselves or someone else, it can be and often is, a teaching experience.  My sponsor told me once that I was in danger of losing the importance of having s sobriety date, and that one day, it won’t matter any more.  That stuck.  I didn’t want to lose the importance of what my sobriety date meant to me. I was so deep into self loathing and lack of respect for myself, I finally threw in the towel. Thanks, for certain, my Higher Power. if you like video games you may interesting in the info from

It’s a story I’d like to tell you one day. Learn, but realize, you are playing with death when you go back out.  It is that serious.  I wanted to tell you this story because my Alanon friend is just frazzled that her son’s drinking, in spite of all he knows, talks him back into the bottle time after time.  Alcohol – Deep patience.

Love you all,


I’m Back and Still Sober

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Hello Everyone…

My name is Hoot and I’m an alcoholic!  That’s the title of my book and the headline of my life.  Five years ago, after quite a few years of sobriety, I bought a radio station in Northern, California.  In the deal, the previous owners really screwed me with countless engineering problems, the small town I’m in had a large number of “good old boys” that you needed to please and the hits kept coming.  It was enough to drive someone to drink!!  But, not me!  My program held me strong. I don’t know if I could have handled it in my earlier, shakier years.

I’ll do my best to keep you up on available information, helpful to individuals in our unique condition.  I’ve make a lot of friends with helpful information we can all use, so I’ll load up with what I find so we can all benefit.  I need it so I can pick up my 18 year chip this October.

Let me know what you think and share your strengths and hopes with me…

Your Pal,


Is AA The Only Way?

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How Can You Stop The Alcoholic From Drinking?

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What can you do to stop your alcoholic from drinking?
It starts with acceptance. Aren’t you sick of hearing that phrase? So many of us feel like failures because we’re helpless in our efforts to stop the alcoholic from ruining his/her life and the lives of everyone around them. If your alcoholic would just stop drinking, everything would be great. Not so! Drinking is but a symptom of alcoholism, the root of the problem is deep within the psyche of the drinker.

The earlier the age the alcoholic began drinking, the more imbedded is the disease. Often, like me, the drinker’s maturation process is stunted. It is a character defect that continues to show its ugly head in my life, even after 15 years of sobriety.

Recently two of my close friends came back into my life, both in the program, and it was awful. My old friend whom I had working for me, was the sickest individual I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. This guy was a one man wrecking crew perpetrating lies, untruths and innuendo, was very passive aggressive and almost brought down my radio station. He was a genuine nightmare to say the least. When he physically attacked me, he lost his job. The staff was very happy that he left town. And he was sober. Dry is more appropriate.

Then, there is the story of my sweet friend who married a guy in the program, moved to the Midwest with him and both are back out there drinking. After a couple of beatings, we spoke. She is like a little sister to me. It bothers me because there she goes again. As I predicted, she’s giving him one more chance, and he’s already intruding on her individuality. He’s jealous, angry and untrusting and is one or two words from giving her another beating. I’ve had to put on my Al-Anon jacket on again. I just hope she doesn’t end up violently beaten or worse. Two people in the program getting married is like two fully loaded garbage trucks in a head-on collision going a hundred miles an hour. What a mess.

Al-anon members do not give direction or advice to other members. Instead, they share their personal experiences and stories, and invite other members to “take what they like and leave the rest”—that is, to determine for themselves what lesson they could apply to their own lives.

The best place to learn how Al-Anon works is at an al-anon meeting in your local community. Personal contact is an important element in the healing process. These Web page selections may give you some encouragement to visit your first meeting.

If you or someone you know is going through this, read this and save yourself from living a terrible life. Call al-anon.

I love you my friends.

Hoot Hooten

Are you Helping or Enabling?

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Are you really ready to quit?

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In the early days of my recovery, I couldn’t stay sober. I’d get 90 days of sobriety or maybe even more, then finally six months. Cause for celebration! Out I went, drunk and sick. My sponsor told me “You don’t want to quit drinking.” I denied it, but deep down, I knew he was right. I’d get drunk then come back, dragging my drunken butt in to hide behind the apron of mother AA.

Getting sober isn’t a matter of just quitting drinking. It has to come from, as it says in the 5th chapter off Alcoholics Anonymous, from an HONEST desire to stop drinking. Not because a few days before Christmas you got drunk again and screwed up your family’s enjoyment of the holidays.

Right now, you may be feeling stronger after the drunk of a few days ago. So, now is a good time to get drunk. “No, wait! One more day. By that time most of the wounds I inflicted on me and my family over the holidays won’t be so painfull.” It’s amazing how the next drunk has a way of completely wiping clean the pain of that last drunk!

Don’t B.S. yourself. You either want sobriety or you don’t. I know what it’s like to want to get drunk. There were times when nothing would stop my compulsion to drink, not even an AA meeting. I would hate myself, but I knew that as soon as the meeting was over, so was my sobriety. It’s a continuous nightmare. It only gets worse, never better.

Alcoholism is a disease that tells you don’t have a disease, all the while pushing you further down the ladder. “This time will be different, than my last drunk.” And so, the cycle continues until you have lost everything and even maybe, your life. Alcoholism is a progressive disease AND it only gets worse, never better.

Drinking less, eating before you drink, not drinking until your work is done and so many other attempted escapes from the ferocity of alcohol will only delay the inevitable. Wow! Drunk again, how’d that happen?

Listen, I love you all because I know how bleak things can get. Just stay sober today, go to an AA meeting and don’t worry about tomorrow. One day at a time.

Oh, and revisit the video in the blog before this one. It may change your life. Oh, by the way. Smoking a joint then getting behind the wheel increases your chance of having an accident by as much as 50%. It’s true.!!

God Bless you my brothers and sisters.


I’m not an alcoholic. I can quit!!

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“Things your problem drinker doesn’t want you to know”

March 10, 2013 on 12:05 pm | In Law, abuse, alcoholics, alcoholism, binge drinking, codependent, domestic abuse, drinking, drugs, drunk, elder drinking, marijuana, police, probation, recovery, underage drinking | No Comments
Hello my brothers and sisters. I’ve been woking on my radio station in Fort Bragg and Ukiah and haven’t been as attentive as I should be, but that’s over now. I’m back and let’s share some thoughts. First, identifying tha alcoholic is premiere. Here are a few words of caution. Don’t buy into the bullshit. It takes to long that way. If he looks like he has a problem, believe me, he does.
I don’t know how I survived in my drunken world. Everything around me was crumbling. Alcoholism is fatal in so many ways. When someone you’re in a relationship has a drinking problem,” I mean no disrespect when I say, “Run as fast as you can and don’t look back!!” That is number one.
Once you’ve had the requisite “talk” and he/she says he/she will do something about it, that’s when you (2) must demand to know exactly what he/she intends to do to stop drinking. Of course, unbeknownst to you, he/she may, at first, go underground with his/her drinking. So there will likely be more out-of-town business trips, for secret drinking. No one will know. No harm no foul, right? When you find out, you break-up, (3) or threaten to. Year in and year out, that will be the scenario you’ll exist under. (refer to number one recommendation)
The alcoholic is very crafty and will give you a variety of reasons causing him/her to drink. Job pressure usually tops the list. “It’s just a passing phase; I’ll cut back, maybe if I find a job in some other town, I’ll be okay.” Greener pastures. The alcoholic constantly tries to outrun his self, but when he/she gets to the greener pasture, the old drunk shows up.

You need to know what to do if your loved one is a problem drinker. If you think he/she is a problem drinker, he/she probably is. You MUST KNOW WHAT TO DO..! Find Alanon on my resourses page at This is a take-no-prisoners illness and you need to take it as seriously as you can. I don’t mean to be so dark, but I have to. Alanon is for the non-drinker in an alcoholic family. You’ll quickly learn what others have done and are doing to survive in an alcoholic environment.
God bless you my beautiful friends. If you’re suffering, I have some solutions. Send me a note; it’ll be just between you and me.
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