Marijuana Maintenance II

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Robin Wms – Marijuana – click on Airchecks and Production at for Robin Williams as he talks marijuna.

There has been a lot of talk lately about legalizing marijuana.  Colorado and California most likely lead the nation in marijuana legalization with “weed” clinics in abundance.  As a result of this apparent relaxation of the laws governing marijuana sales and cultivation, the discussion among alcoholics is, “well if it’s not illegal, then it might be okay…” One guy recently said he lost 6 years of sobriety trying “skank” and had a mental meltdown:

My doctor tells me that my use of cannabis contributed largely to my mental health problems. I thought that because I had been off the booze for six years that I was OK. I was wrong.” — Justin C.

I tried the “weed to succeed” program and even considered Marijuana’s Anonymous.  Those meetings last 3 hours or 30 minutes, whichever comes first — I joke.  I can’t remember much about 1997, but I can tell you I was stoned every day, and was constantly one hit away from tilt.  I saw one movie that year 3 times, and still can’t recall large chunks of it. 

Paranoia, doomsday syndrome and depression became a way of life for me, but I finally gave it up and was blessed with sobriety.  For me, it was just another escape from reality and a dangerous road to go down because it weakened my resolve to not drink.  Not surprisingly, I went back out, which means I went back to drinking.

If you have a drinking problem, you have a drinking problem.  All the easier softer ways, will only delay your recovery and could, of course, lead to even worse consequences.

God bless and good luck my friends,


Women Pay Big Tiime

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I had the privilege of interviewing Mikki Alhart, a renowned alcoholism specialist in our area of the Central Coast of California.  Mikki’s specialty deals with women and the ramifications of their alcoholism.

 “There are fewer women who are alcohol dependent than men, nearly one third, compared to their male counterparts, so a lot of the information we’ve gathered over the years relates to alcoholism from a man’s perspective.” 

One interesting fact is: Of the heaviest drinkers, women equal or surpass men in the number of problems that result from their drinking.

One finding shows women who have multiple roles in life (married and also working) may have lower rates of alcohol problems than women who do not.  Also, women who have never married or who are divorced or separated are more likely to drink heavily and experience alcohol related problems than women who are married or widowed.

The exact reasons that underlie women’s heightened vulnerability to alcohol-induced liver damage are unclear, but drinking may be associated with an increased risk for breast cancer as well.

There is no doubt that women pay a higher price for their alcoholism than men on a social level as well.  Find out more from:

Alcohol and Women – A Commentary by NIAAA Director Enoch Gordis, M.D.  



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