Sayings that keep us coming back!

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Main Ingredient – click        After all the years I’ve been working on changing the way I behave in a sober world, I’m still amazed at how often I awkwardly manage my life.   The Main Ingredient, with Cuba Gooding Jr.’s father as lead singer, sang it:  “Everybody Plays the Fool, sometime.”  When I played that song on the radio, my comment was, “Yeah, but I just wish my turn wouldn’t come up so often.” 

Even though I laugh about it, it’s an ongoing feature of my personality.  Now I come from a long line of drunken odd balls so you’d think I’d have a leg up on strange behavior, but I don’t.  Sometimes I have to ask my wife, what it was I did or said that made the situation worse.  Regularly it’s the expression on my face that trumps what’s coming out of my mouth.  Inside, I’m not really all that upset.  Which leads me to believe I don’t communicate as well as I should. It’s time to Think, Think, Think..!

I began drinking when I was a boy, so my brain didn’t mature like most humans’.  It’s not an excuse as much as it is a caution sign for me to watch-it when I’m entering the intersection of pissed and justifiable Anger.  There ain’t no such thing for an alcoholic and it is here that I need to take a deep breath and remember to Take it Easy.  So now you have examples of how two of our sayings, plastered on the walls of AA, came about.  At least for me anyway.

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