Reseach Shows Hope for Teen Drinkers

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There is encouraging research revealing that, teens who attend church

are much less likely to drink or use drugs.  Evidence reveals that teens who attend church enjoy a much better chance of not drinking or drugging. As much as 50%!  Even more importantly, this even applies to those kids who are genetically predisposed to alcoholism and addictive tendencies. That’s great news.

This is not a faith based opinion there is strong research that shows that teens who are involved in religious or spiritual activities are less likely to do drugs or drink alcohol.

In three separate studies at BYU, Colorado University and Columbia University.  I know now, that I was spared and God saved my life.  When I was a boy, I attended Bible studies in the summer and was a believer, but because of my alcoholism, I thought the Lord had forsaken me. 

When I finally “came-to,” I was spared, and given an assignment, I believe; to bring the “message” to those who still suffer.  I owe my life to my reunification with God and realize now, he was carrying me all along.  Without my faith, I don’t think I would have made it. Many of us alcoholics/users are put off by the “found God” concept, but I’m just speaking for me.  Here’s an idea that was passed along to me many years ago.  Who will know if you get down on your knees in the quiet of your home and ask God to for help?  What might happen?  That was a suggestion given me many years ago.  You don’t have to go out “Bible Thumping,” it’s just a personal pathway to sobriety.

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