The Greatest Christmas Gift

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Unfortunately, this time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, is a very dangerous period for alcoholics and their families.  I ruined a lot of seasons for my family, either by not being there for them, or being there but, not all there.  Then, of course, there are the dangerous ramifications of being on the road… Drunk! 

There couldn’t be a better gift for you and your family, than sobriety.  Easily said, but not so easily done.  So, now is the time to take advantage of my 100% off sale on sobriety.  Give me 90 days of AA meetings and if you’re still not satisfied and think you have to drink, I’ll personally refund all your misery.

At resources and links page, you’ll find a variety of ideas to help you get through the holidays. If you’re anxious about Thanksgiving, Christmas or the biggest night of drinking OF ALL, New Years, now is the time to either quit drinking or put a few well known tips to work, that may help keep this time of year, safe for you and others.

Personally, I tried everything I could to keep drinking, and never considered not driving, or not drinking over the holiday period.  So think about being honest with yourself.  If you have decided to drink anyway, make your intentions known and try to find a designated driver.  Being more responsible during this time of year will at least show your friends and family that you’re doing something about your drinking.

Holiday Tips from Others on

Visitors to the Alcoholism site at over the years have shared their personal tips on dealing with the pressures of the Holiday Season. Click on their names to read their suggestions. More holiday ideas are listed in Part II.

Have Fun!

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, there many ways to have fun without drinking and have a safe and sober holiday.

For those you know who are in recovery – to encourage them through the holidays – there are many online recovery gift shops available where you can find that special gift for that special person.

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